Split In Three

The power's out. You're lost. And these emergency lights really don't help. This would all be so much easier if the colors stopped changing.

A 2D top-down puzzle game where you must navigate each level to restore the building's power. Each time you move, the color will change and a new element of the maze will reveal itself.

*Epilepsy Warning* - While we don't claim to understand the workings of the human brain, this game contains flashing colors, so use your own discretion before playing.

Mini Jam: 73

This project was created as part of MiniJam: 73. It had 2 components.

Theme: Power

Limitation: We could only use 5 colors on screen at any given time.


  • W,A,S,D or Arrow keys for movement.
  • SPACE opens Audio Settings


Made with Unity 2020.2.3f1 over the space of 3 days. Photoshop and Aseprite were used for art. Mixcraft 9 and Aptoast's light switch were used to create music and SFX for this project.



Designer and Writer - SpadgersHat

Programmer - Elliot Griffiss

Artist - Blaze

Music - Aptoast

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsBrick Wall Games, blazeonfire, SpadgersHat, aptos
Made withUnity
Tags2D, epilepsy-warning, Top-Down, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Man, this is so cool!

I finished the game in ~15min, I'm not big fan of puzzle games but you did good job with level-balance so even for me was rather easy to beat.

Graphic - clean, aesthetic, nothing fancy, colours shows me everything I need to know. 
Music - So we have 1 background music, split in 3 parts, after every move music change. Ill do it slightly different instead of mute other parts, ill just mute them to 10-20%.
Controls - nothing to change.

Congratulations for completed game, I'm waiting for more from you :slight_smile:

Thanks man!